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Simple Twitter Tips for B2B CMOs

Helpful techniques and practices to increase the impact a B2B CMO has on Twitter.

A B2B CMO with an effective Twitter account will not only increase their personal social media presence, but significantly boost traffic and consumer interaction with their brand. Learn what you can do as the CMO of a B2B company to improve your personal Twitter account.


 How to Create Effective Content 

Effectively engaging your target users is all about getting in front of the right people on the right social channels.  It’s essential to do more than just post as much as you possibly can, or plug your brand in a tweet every five minutes. You must bring both interesting and accessible content to your target audience. Find out a few ways this can be accomplished.


It’s important to promote your brand on your Twitter page. But you should also try to promote your personal role and accomplishments. This can be accomplished in several ways.

  • Respond to tweets where you are mentioned in a positive light, or retweet them.

  • Retweet positive mentions of your brand

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  • Retweet articles that speak highly of your brand and its accomplishments.

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  • Retweet posts that come directly from your brand, especially ones that include some type of call to action.

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People love to use social media to learn. Twitter is no exception. So, if you can effectively create educational content that is relative to your brand, then you will generate more traffic to your page.

If your brand is in an industry filled with emerging technology, retweet or create interesting and engaging content about these new innovations. Or, if your brand has launched a new product, retweet or share links to articles that can provide a user with more information about it.

Respond & Interact

Be aware of what is trending on Twitter, and what content people are actively engaging with. Pick and choose spots where you can interact with users or other brands that make sense; this will increase the potential of people directly engaging with you.

It’s also smart to be somewhat selective with who you are interacting with if you do choose to reply to or tag someone in a post. Make sure this person is relatively active on Twitter and publishes content that is relevant and appropriate. The ideal user is active, has a relatively high Klout score, and frequently interacts with brands and other users. You definitely do not want to be replying and engaging with a foul-mouthed, disinterested user with practically no followers.


How to Spice Up Your Content

Optimize your tweets by making them creative and engaging. This will make your posts eye-catching which will lead to more views of your amazing content. Discover what can take your content to the next level.

Photos & Videos

When creating a post, use photos as often as possible. But make sure the picture is relevant to what you are talking about, and is aesthetically pleasing. This will capture the attention of your audience and make them more prone to engage with the post. However, a stock photo that has little connection to the post will not make it more engaging. So, make sure you put some thought into selecting your photos.

Arguably the most captivating content on social media is video. A video can effectively display your new products, emerging technologies, and give a user personal insight into your Twitter identity. Videos are also highly likely to be retweeted, so they are great to have on your personal feed. If it makes sense to do so, incorporate a video within your content that effectively supplements the goal of your post.



Hashtags are an effective way to increase your connectivity levels, and gain more awareness for a specific topic. This can be a great tool when promoting a product or event, but the overuse of hashtags on a post can deter from users engaging with it. Ideally, you should try to use a maximum of two hashtags in a post. Make sure they are related to what you are posting about.

Some possible hashtags can be involved in tweets regarding:

  • Events

  • Trending Topics (newsjacking)

  • Brands/Products

  • Seasonal Tweets (i.e. #FathersDay)


Direct links to your website can sometimes give the appearance of being too much of a direct ad, which could deter users. Instead, as a B2B CMO, try to include links to blog posts or articles that are about your brand; specifically links about your brand’s success. This indirectly allows a user to be aware of your brand and its products without directly selling to them on your personal account.

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A B2B CMO can have an impact on social media even from their personal account. The key is to be aware of effective tactics that will increase your social media presence, which will result in a traffic increase towards your brand and its website.

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