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Tracking Social ROI with SocialEye: Updated Guide Released!

Overdrive  Interactive has re-released our Tracking Social ROI whitepaper, a guide that presents and discusses over 25 real life social media metrics that marketers can use to both optimize their social media marketing and track its ROI. This whitepaper shows actual dashboard examples of:

  • Social connections (fans, followers and subscribers)
  • Social channel views (social site page views, video plays, etc.)
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets and other social interactions)
  • Traffic (clicks and visits to your website, yielded from social media marketing)
  • Media Equivalent Values (the amount that the user would have paid if they had purchased the impressions, clicks, etc. via conventional online channels)
  • And much more!

2015 SocialEye Guide Cover

SocialEye, Overdrive Interactive’s end-to-end social media management platform, makes tracking social media ROI easy. Whether you’re using SocialEye or a different social media management platform, this whitepaper gives you an approach to measure social media ROI. Download this guide to see real social media marketing ROI dashboards! The guide is available as a PDF on our website, at: https://www.ovrdrv.com/socialeye-social-roi-revealed/.



Real examples of social media dashboards, generated using SocialEye

Overdrive CEO Harry Gold said, “Without SocialEye, it would literally take hundreds of man-hours on an annual basis to gather, compile, and analyze all the data yielded from social media websites and programs. That’s on top of the incredible amount of time saved by SocialEye’s collaborative workflow environment, social media publishing, and moderation features.”

Want to discover what SocialEye can do for your organization? Request a demo of the SocialEye platform, at http://www.socialeye.com.

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