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Anatomy of a 5-Star SEO Dashboard


SEO Dashboard

 Why create a SEO dashboard?

Although Google Analytic’s lets you see a host of organic search metrics, they are segmented into buckets by Audience, Acquisition, Behavoir, etc.. creating an isolated view of one metric per page view, whereas SEO dashboards bring several metrics into one page for easy review and analysis.

Google analytics seo dashboard

Dashboard GA

What makes a great Organic Search Dashboard?

The ability to view key performance metrics quickly and the flexibility to tailor views to your specifications.

  • Monitoring your overall organic search reach
  • What are the top landing pages from organic search (with goal completions and /or conversions)
  • What e-commerce comes from Desktop vs. Mobile

Your Organic Search Dashboards might include metrics like…

Top Organic Landing Pages Traffic Sources
Source of Organic Visits Top Viewed Pages
Total Organic Visits Top Exit Pages
Acquisition/Behavior/Outcome (ABO) Top Search Engine Sources
Branded vs Non Branded Keywords E-commerce
404 pages Mobile vs Desktop
Referring sites Site performance
Link Analysis Content marketing performance

With the “Add Widget” function, there are six types of standard widgets to choose from and four real-time:google analytics dashboard widget

Metric – This shows you a single metric as well as a “sparkline” for that metric (a tiny line graph)

Timeline – A graph (only) of any metric (or compare two metrics) over any period of time

Geomap – Displays on several levels including content to city level

geo map dashboard

Table – Regular Google Analytics table, can be customized to  show your preferences (including filters)

Pie – Displays a breakdown of various metrics (up to 6 slices) in pie chart form (can also do doughnut shape charts too)

Bar – Displays a breakdown of various metrics (up to 9 bars) across two dimensions and 4 grid lines

bar graph dashboard

When it comes to e-commerce and dashboarding you can create widgets in the dashboard to highlight

Revenue Top Products
Revenue by Product Category Conversion Rate
Revenue by Product SKU Recent Transactions
Revenue by Source Quantity
Revenue by Medium


  1. Revenue vs. Transactions
  2. Transactions vs. Sessions
  3. Revenue vs. Sessions

SEO Dashboard

What do you need to build your own dashboard that informs and provides actionable insights.

SEO analytics dashboard

Advantages of using a dashboard:

  1. Helps you save time and resources –  display all your important information at a single glance.
  2. Helps you make business decisions based on real time information
  3. Helps you focus and track  key performance data for your business


Exporting and Emailing Reports

Now that you have a great dashboard how do you share the report?

exporting dashboards

Google Analytics dashboards are easily exported as a PDF or set up to schedule an email on a periodic basis. Dashboards can be automatically sent to any email address(es) on a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The great thing about these Google Analytics dashboards are they can be totally customized for any type of business

Dashboards can show you information on organic search performance for your website. Data may includes total organic visits, a graph of organic visits and statistics for landing pages showing their visits, bounce rates and conversions. This data visualization helps you see an overview of performance. Understand and gain insight into your organic search traffic faster and better today with these quick tips and free organic search dashboard download.


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