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Overdrive Releases The 2020 Search Marketing Map

Search marketing is an essential digital marketing component that continues to evolve every year. As marketers, it’s clear that increasing your contents’ visibility and having it rank highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is important. Luckily, we have an updated version of our Search Marketing Map that includes the resources that will help marketers continue to succeed in the fast-paced world of search.

Overdrive Interactive’s 2020 Search Marketing Map includes over 260 live links of websites, apps, tools, and events broken down into 26 categories. The map is available as a PDF with live links here.

Notable features of this year’s map:

  • Expanded keyword and content discovery tools.
  • Top tools for Landing Page Optimization to increase conversions.
  • 260 live links
  • 30 new additions to the map, including new SEO Tools and Browser Extensions
  • 26 categories of sources
  • And so much more!

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Below are the categories you can find on the map, as well as new and top-performing resources.

Analytics – Understand and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing with data-driven insight

As any good marketer knows, analytics are the backbone of a good campaign. Being able to track, measure, and analyze data enables you to develop accurate KPIs. Mixpanel created their analytic solutions with real businesses in mind. They offer tools with functionalities for behavior analytics, data science, infrastructure, messaging and testing, and data governance.


App Search – Find the right app for your specific needs

Living in the digital age has completely shifted the way that consumers interact with the businesses they buy from. In recent years, most major companies have made a concerted effort to create apps that offer the same capabilities as visiting a website. The success of the app relies heavily on people being able to access and download it. Often, this means adding it to more than just the app store on an Apple or Android product.


B2B Search – Use this search to discover companies that meet your brand’s needs

B2B search tools assist in discovering the right business or individuals for your specifications and goals. SourceTool is the only B2B database that organizes companies by their UNSPSC number, which makes sure the company is active and described accurately. Another advantage of SourceTool is that their listings are international.


Local/Geographic – Discover a specific area by searching for companies, restaurants, and things to do

Geographic pinpointing makes marketing and advertising efforts very efficient. Foursquare is a unique product because it creates a symbiotic relationship between consumers and marketers. The app has different iterations for B2C and B2B marketing. For consumers, it takes your searches for restaurants, museums, etc. and learns from those preferences and starts to suggest places you might like. For marketers, the platform uses that first-party data to inform you of where your target audience exists in real-time.


Forum Search – Find discussions about any topic.

Forums are an interesting space for marketing. They’re a space for like-minded individuals to discuss topics that are important to them. Marketers and businesses can take advantage of this by engaging with the people in the forum, contributing to discussions, and launching marketing initiatives within them.


Competitive Intelligence – Find information on how your company compares to competitors

Being able to leverage the information that competitive intelligence tools offer gives any marketing campaign a leg up. For example, Spyfu is consistently ranked as one of the best competitive research tools for digital marketing. This tool helps you find competitor keywords and track them, review rankings, monitor website traffic, and much more.


Social Media Search – Discover what consumers are saying about your brand

Social media plays a massive role in digital marketing. Beyond having an account dedicated to your company, social media platforms are a great way to advertise and monitor trends. Buzzsumo is a useful tool because it helps with discovering high-performing content, researches different data points finds influencers, and monitors the interactions that people have with your content.


Infographic Search – Sort through various infographics on various topics

When sharing information, it’s important to remember that not everyone learns the same way. For many people, having a visual element is what helps them to properly absorb and understand the material. Very often this means creating an infographic that can translate information in a creative way. Not all marketers have access to a creative team so companies like Visual.ly, which works with you to create visual content to match your strategic vision, are a game-changer.


SEO Tools – Identify ways to optimize your company’s search presence 

From searching domains, keywords, links, or even looking for plagiarism, tools like Serp Stat and Copyscape help you discover where your SEO efforts need improvement.


Image Search – Browse photos from a range of databases

Including an image in marketing efforts can be challenging if you don’t have a photographer or creative department. everystockphoto aggregates results from multiple stock photo websites to help you save time when searching for high-quality licensed photos.


Keyword Tools – Explore all aspects of keywords and optimize for your brand

Having the right set of keywords can significantly propel an SEO campaign forward. Keywords influence the websites that are served after a search, they also help your site rank for content. Ahrefs offers one of the most comprehensive keyword data and analytics systems. Unlike other tools, Ahrefs takes keyword volumes from 10 different search engines, ensuring you get the most accurate results.


Events – Attend events to learn the latest and great on how to improve your marketing tactics 

Keeping up to date on the newest techniques and tools is how you stay at the top of your marketing game. Attending events and seminars is one of the many ways that you can continue to learn about industry innovations. Conferences like Content Marketing World are a fantastic opportunity to network and get educated on the latest marketing tactics.


Voice Search – Use your voice to browse the internet using AI-driven consoles

Digital marketers need to be very aware of the increasing usage of voice search tools. Voice search consoles often answer voice queries by reading out the position zero information. Having functional SEO that works with both written and voice queries is the future of search.  Bixby by Samsung combines the convenience of voice search with the capabilities of a virtual assistant. The system learns from commands, frequent activities, and choices so it becomes more helpful as you use it.


Browser Extensions – Automatically integrate marketing tools to your browser

Browser extensions are an efficient way to help advance your companies’ day-to-day tasks. Serpstat Plugin is an SEO extension that allows you to search competitors’ key metrics and analyze how your company matches up.


News Search – Browse breaking news, global stories, and weather 

News outlets do more than just help you to stay on top of the latest goings-on in the world. They are also an opportunity for content marketing and native ads. Knowing the kind of information that sites like Google News or Yahoo! News are sharing can help you to properly craft your news related marketing efforts.


Tag Management – Tools that integrate the tags used across your marketing applications 

Tag management programs such as IBM DDX and Launch by Adobe help your business in reducing the burden of manually managing tags on a daily basis. With the aid of automation and data to support your business, tag management becomes more efficient.


Paid Search Tools – Develop, track, and optimize media campaigns consistently across channels

Paid search helps with getting more qualified leads and gives you free impressions as it is based on a CPC model. For those reasons, there is great value in ensuring your campaigns are consistent and properly functioning across all platforms. Acquisio is an AI-powered program that manages PPC and programmatic campaigns. It is comprised of tools that work with your company at every stage of a campaign to predict potential outcomes, launch and manage cross-platform campaigns, and integrate data from multiple sources.


Scholarly Search – Browse scholarly sites to read academic literature

When kicking off with a new client, you should do extensive background research to fully understand the business’s value proposition, products/offerings, and audience. Being able to find that information is what enables marketers to create a comprehensive campaign strategy. Unfortunately, finding the articles and journals you need can be challenging.


Search Education – Discover everything there is to know about search marketing

Websites like Marketing Land offer a variety of learning opportunities. Staying abreast of the latest algorithm changes, tools, and shifting search landscape will enable your company to thrive.


Research – Gain an understanding of consumer insights and how to target new customers 

Alexa and Moat allow you to research brands and create a comprehensive competitive analysis. Use this real-time data to gain an understanding of what your competitors are doing, and ultimately, give your company the insight needed to advance your marketing tactics.


Landing Page Testing – Understand user behavior and optimize landing pages to increase conversions

Landing pages are Overdrive’s bread and butter. We understand the value of consistent and functional landing pages as they are a critical step in every consumer journey.


Video Search – Watch and share videos on a variety of topics

Video content accounts for 75% of global IP traffic. Knowing the power that video has means that as a marketer, you need to know all the channels through which you can broadcast your video content. The most popular place for videos is still YouTube, but other sites are gaining traction.


Search Engines – Explore everything the internet has to offer and get answers to any question

Having a strong SEO presence goes a long way in broadcasting your brand or company to the public. Your website is one of the main ways that consumers get introduced to your company. New search engines launch every year, so learning about the new ones like Ecosia, which is dedicated to planting trees with every search, is important to keep your brand out there.


Shopping Search – Get the best prices, deals, and promotions 

Shopping search sites help you compare prices and selections from different brands.


Archival Search – Travel through history by reading historical documents and newspapers

United Nations Archives is one of many Archival services. Many of these services allow you to search a variety of historical topics, but the United Nations Archive focuses on information under four areas: The Secretaries-General, Secretariat Departments, Peacekeeping Missions, and Predecessor Organizations.


Travel Search – Compare prices and book flights, hotels, cars and more

Gone are the days of needing a travel agent to book your flight for travel. Today, you can go online and search for flights using multiple criteria. Whether you want the least amount of travel time or the cheapest tickets, there are tools to help you. Unlike most travel search sites,


Please feel free to post any images related to the Search Marketing Map on your blog or site. All we ask is that you link back to this page.

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