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Social Media ROI: Overdrive Interactive Launches Comprehensive Social Media Measurement Dashboard

BOSTON (Aug. 25, 2010) /PRNewswire/ — Marketers who have been struggling to quantify the value of their social media marketing efforts may not be grappling much longer. Today, Boston digital marketing agency Overdrive launched SocialEye, a robust tracking and measurement dashboard designed to reveal the true ROI of social media marketing.

In addition to tracking newer social media metrics such as connections (friends, fans and followers) and buzz, the comprehensive SocialEye dashboard helps marketers report on the actual ROI (return on investment) of their social media efforts, reporting on metrics such as site traffic, leads and revenue generated by social media marketing efforts.

Overdrive Interactive CEO, Harry Gold said, “SocialEye goes beyond the buzz to assign hard metrics such as site traffic, leads and revenue against social media programs. Now marketers can measure the ROI from social media marketing in the same way they do everything else online.”

Customers who implemented SocialEye in its pilot phase reported immediate value of the dashboard.

“Partnering with Overdrive has truly elevated the quality of our social listening and reporting,” said Megan O’Malley, strategy and planning associate at Mktg. Inc. “The SocialEye platform in particular has enabled the depth and breadth of analytics that our clients had been craving but that other companies had been unable to deliver.”

The SocialEye dashboard lets marketers track and analyze:

  • – Social media connections such as Facebook likes and fans, Twitter followers and blog feed subscribers
  • – Page views and plays from social profiles and video channels
  • – Engagement levels, including comments that show what social actions spark consumer reactions and interaction
  • – Media equivalent values showing the worth of social assets, impressions, visits and connections
  • – Site visits and actual traffic to a company’s website resulting directly from social media
  • – Site conversions and transactions — actual leads and revenue from social media marketing

SocialEye can be fully integrated with existing CRM systems to link call center inquires, offline sales and repeat sales to their originating social media sources.

See a SocialEye video, download a whitepaper about measuring social media ROI and receive a customized consultation for your company’s social ROI needs by calling 617-254-5000 ext. 1103 or visiting

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