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Encouraging 7 Core Social Media Marketing Behaviors

What do you want people do? One of the constant truths in marketing that is often forgotten is that marketing is about encouraging desired behavior. It’s about getting people to actually do something that eventually leads to a sale. But so often the “marketing part is left out of “social media marketing.” We are so scared of offending our community with overly commercialized messaging that we forget that we are actually trying to sell something. So without telling you all to transform your social media marketing into a bullhorn that says BUY, BUY, BUY all the time I wanted to start you off with this one simple question: “What do you want people to do?”

Overdrive Updates Search Marketing Map

The search marketing specialists at Overdrive Interactive have just updated our Search Marketing Map to present the most current snapshot of the world of digital search marketing, including live links to more than 120 sites and tools, broken into 23 categories. The map is available as a clickable PDF at ovrdrv.com/search-map.

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