Trillium Software Data Quality Lead Gen Campaign

Trillium Software approached Overdrive to develop a lead generation campaign where customers would reveal pertinent information about their needs.

At the core of this campaign was an online tool for technology professionals to assess their data quality program, to see where they were performing well and to see what holes needed to be plugged.


  • Google Adwords
  • Media Planning & Management
  • Banner Creative
  • Socially-Enabled Landing Pages
  • Data Quality Assessment Tool
  • Email Creation
  • Google Analytics and Media Tracking

Paid Search, Campaign Creative and Conversion Path

Both the paid search and online media campaigns brought users to the Data Quality Assessment Tool landing page. Upon completing the assessment, users received a PDF download and a follow-up email to encourage further interaction and engagement.


Online Media Campaign

The online media campaign leveraged two key media properties that honed in on Trillium’s target audience.


Socially-Enabled Landing Page

The landing page for the Data Quality Assessment Tool contained copy that explained the tool, as well as a form to foster lead generation. The page was socially-enabled, so users could share the tool with their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Test Results and Situational Analysis

Upon completion, user gets a final score with a paragraph about their situation, and whether their roadblocks are LIMITED, MODERATE or SIGNIFICANT. User can also download a full report in PDF format.


Nurture Email

Also, users receive a nurture email for further engagement, with links to the company blog and other resources. Recipients were also encouraged to follow Trillium via social media.



The campaign resulted in an influx of quality leads rich with qualified information!