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Overdrive Interactive Releases Social Media Marketing Guide: “100 Ways to Make Friends”


Digital marketing agency provides marketers with checklist for increasing their friend, fan and follower base on social networking sites.

This is an image of the Social Media Marketing Guide: 100 Ways to Make Friends. The guide will help marketers increase their social connections on social networking sites.Overdrive Interactive, an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, has created a list of 100 different tactics that marketers can use to build social connections.  A social connection is a fan, like, follower, friend, or subscriber on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and others. 

The new guide, “Social Media Marketing: 100 Ways to Make Friends” is available for free at OverdriveInteractive.com/100ways or by contacting the agency.

This guide has been developed to help marketers build their company’s base of consumer connections on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.  The tactics listed range from those that are simple and free, to those utilizing paid media, as well as a few that will certainly push the envelope.  Marketers can use the document as a checklist to make sure they are doing everything possible to build their company’s network of social media connections. 

Overdrive Interactive CEO Harry Gold said about the guide, “A big part of social media marketing is creating lasting connections with consumers in the places where they choose to connect with brands and people they value.  So we created this guide to help marketers integrate social friend acquisition into all their marketing and advertising programs.”   He added, “Once this is done, the key thing is to engage with those customers and prospects you have connections with by providing them with content that they actually care about, and that’s where we come in”

Overdrive’s SVP and Director of Client Services Ty Velde said, “Every company that has engaged in social media marking is trying to grow a larger social community of brand and product enthusiasts to share their message with.” He added, “This is because as your network of social connections grows, it gets easier to spark high levels of positive chatter and brand advocacy, as well as measurable social media marketing ROI.”  This is an image from the Social Media Guide: 100 Ways to Make Friends. It shows the various ways in which companies and brands are asking you to connect with them on social media sites.  

“100 Ways to Make Friends” is another example of how Overdrive Interactive is demystifying social media marketing and bringing effective, measurable and easy to understand social media marketing strategies and tactics to the marketplace.

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Overdrive Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Boston, MA that helps clients grow their business with engaging, integrated and measurable social media marketing, search engine marketing and online media campaigns and services.  The agency specializes in creating genuine consumer connections that help companies build their brands, generate leads and drive revenue. Overdrive Interactive serves organizations that are seeking a high level of accountability from their agencies with proprietary social media tracking and dashboard technologies that allow companies to track actual leads, revenue and ROI from their social programs.  For more information, please visit http://www.overdriveinteractive.com/ or call 617-254-5000.

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