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Social Media Super Bowl Winners

Last night brought tension and anticipation to rooms across the country as the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers met in San Francisco to battle it out on the field. It wasn’t just the game that had people on the edge of their seats however, with 64 commercials spread out during pre-game and the game itself, and an average cost of a 30 second Super Bowl ad coming in close to $5M, there was over $300B worth of revenue spend being gambled with last night. By now, we all know that the Denver Broncos took home the trophy and rings, but who won the digital advertising battle on social media? Here’s an infographic to give some insights into the big winners and the weirdest part of the entire evening that people are still wondering what it was an ad for:


A look at what brands won the digital advertising battle across social media at Super Bowl 50.

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