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7 Hashtags B2B Companies Should Use

It’s no secret that we at Overdrive are fans of a personal touch when it comes to B2B social media marketing and branding. So while hashtags may immediately evoke the image of a millenial curating their Twitter or Instagram, we think they’re a great way to organically increase your core key performance indicators (and the research backs us up– on Twitter, hashtags can double your engagement). Your B2B brand seems pretty far removed from the #FridayFeeling tag, right? Wrong.


Everyone who has a social media profile can hop on the hashtag train, and you should too: hashtags increase engagement, impressions, and other core social metrics. It can take some creativity to find out how your B2B company can participate in these weekly rituals in a genuine way, but it’s worth the mental energy. You’ve got to keep the “social” in your “social media”.

To get you started, we’ve included 7 basic hashtags anyone (or any brand) can appropriate without sounding too gimmicky.

  1. #MondayMotivation: Best paired with an inspirational GIF or image. Images often include motivational quotes. Target your employees and/or customers and stay focused and on message by using an industry leader for your inspirational quote.

2.  #TransformationTuesday: While this is often used to showcase personal fitness outcomes, your brand can use it as a variation of another throwback. Consider it a trendy way to frame almost any kind of progress.

3.  #WednesdayWisdom: Another chance to offer social media sized bits of inspiration or advice. Think about Monday Motivation as focused on people (customers and/or employees) and use Wednesday Wisdom to showcase your specific industry prowess.

4. #TBT: Throwback Thursday is reaching cultural saturation, so any and all brands can use it without alienating customers. You don’t have to do one every week; some brands use it to mark special occasions (#TBT to last year when we achieved goal x) or to extend chatter around an event (#TBT to x conference last week!). Tech companies also get a lot of mileage out of this one.

5. #ThursdayThoughts: An easy way to direct your follower’s attention to an event, idea, or offer. This is also a great time to use the poll feature.

6. #FridayFeeling: Pretty much everyone who works a Monday to Friday  9 to 5 job enjoys these posts. Let your audience know you’re on the same page by loosening up a bit.

7. #B2B: This might sound redundant at first, but hear us out. This hashtag is in use, and you can (and should) use it to connect with your community. It also is a great way to listen in on industry chatter. Foster those peer engagements to create a thriving and enjoyable online community.

We hope this article helped showcase some ways your brand can stay on message and still engage in the more social aspect of Twitter. You’ll notice that most of the featured tweets included rich media, in the form of a photo, GIF, or even a short video. For more advice on how to implement rich media in your messaging, check out our guide to B2B gifs.

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