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17 Ways to Integrate SEO & Social (Webinar Slides and Video)

Webinar slides and video with tactics you can start using right away.


Search Marketing Map

Wrap your head around Search Marketing with the latest Search Marketing Map. Updated with 24 categories that account for 213 of the best sites, tools and resources of today, the Search Marketing Map helps marketers quickly become better marketers.


Social Media Map

The latest Social Media Map from Overdrive Interactive provides a snapshot of the evolving social media marketing landscape. View the map online or download it as a PDF with live links to more than 230 sites, apps and tools broken down into 23 categories.


16 Ways to Integrate Social and SEO

Download this quick and easy guide to learn how to make SEO and social work together for increased ROI! Tactics include keyword usage, social linking and social sharing.


14 B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work

Get your priorities straight for B2B social media marketing success. Our 14 tactics along with examples, tools and resources will help marketers activate social communities and get more leads.


Demand Gen Infrastructure

Discover DCCO: Drive. Capture. Convert. Optimize; Overdrive’s four-step approach to demand generation. This four-part infographic will help you to visualize the tactics and technologies you need to drive traffic, capture leads, nurture prospects, and optimize for an ever increasing ROI.


Account Based Marketing Roadmap – 4 Steps to Success

See the 4 steps that Overdrive uses to ensure success in our clients’ Account Based Marketing programs. With an explanation for each stop along the way, this ABM infographic will show you the critical components companies need to succeed using a steady state ABM program.


Lead Gen Metrics Timeline

Get Overdrive Interactive’s new Lead Gen Metrics Timeline and understand what metrics really matter for lead generation programs. The timeline provides the important metrics needed to truly “close the loop,” marking the journey from spend to MROI (media return on investment).


The Digital Advertising Guide – 2nd Edition

Updated for 2015, our quick free guide for all marketers who want to be great marketers! Includes over 85 pages of descriptions, explanations, examples and images from the world of digital and online advertising. Covers ad formats including banners, rich media, video, mobile, search, social, and native, as well as, targeting and pricing models, ad serving, tracking and attribution modeling, and more!


The Native Advertising Guide

Get The Native Advertising Guide and wrap your head around the native ad formats and platforms that will make you a successful digital marketer.


Tracking Social ROI with SocialEye

A guide to tracking and optimizing social media ROI. Over 25 real life social media metrics and dashboards showing social connections, engagements, leads and actual social media ROI.


Google Gallery

Explore how Google’s results page has evolved with 54 images illustrating 16 years of development. From early text-only results to the present-day Knowledge Graph.


10 Ways Your Brand Can Stand Out on Twitter

Created for organizations who want to build their brands on Twitter, this guide will help you to boost your levels of engagement, reach and community size. This guide will show you real examples of Twitter best practices in action from brands you know.


Google World Infographic

Google World infographic created by Overdrive Interactive. Visual representation of Google’s projects, services, technologies and companies acquired by Google. View the Google World or download it as a PDF with live links to over 200 assets.


50 Ways to Get Facebook Fans

This checklist has been developed to help social media marketers build and increase their companies’ fan base on Facebook. Use this checklist as a guide to help spur the growth of your company’s Facebook connections and, consequently, your ability to reach more current and potential customers in the social space.


Social Searching: Personalizing the Web

This guide is a valuable digital marketing resource that highlights the correlation between the search and social worlds. Learn what social search is and how to leverage it to drive impressions and ROI. Details include how social content is being indexed in Google and Bing.

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